I Know Him a Little

I know him a little,
I want to know more,
He is genuine and simple,
A gentleman to the core.

Soft spoken and gentle,
So thoughtful and pure,
I know him a little,
I want to know more.

His intentions are clear,
And knowledge is profound,
A dauntless demeanor,
Whose energy knows no bounds.

A magnetic persona,
A ravishing smile,
He is progressive and wise,
With interests so versatile.

You can count on him,
In times of need,
If situation demands,
He will take the lead.

His mellifluous voice,
In the songs that he sings,
His laughter, full of mirth,
And the joy that he brings.

I feel content and blessed,
As tears trickle down my face,
There is no end to the showers
Of God’s infinite grace.

Life is no longer a challenge,
It’s adventurous and fun.
When you have beside you,
Such a wonderful son.

To dear mom,

To dear mom, πŸ™πŸ™

That smile so warm and comforting,
That soft caress and voice so enchanting,
I vividly remember-

The grey strands neatly made into a bun,
The cherished moments of togetherness and fun,
The fine lines and the wrinkles
The eyes that still had the twinkle,
I vividly remember-

The aroma from the kitchen door,
So tempting, I wish I could have more,
The delicacies and
The indulgence of the decadent surprises,
Oh, what are these?
Pickles, chutneys, jams and jellies,
I vividly remember-

The pallu of your cotton saree,
That smelt so fresh and pure,
The soft sounds of your slippers,
You were always there to assure.
In the kitchen, in the garden,
On the terrace, you were there,
Lending a helping hand with unconditional love and care,
I vividly remember-

The tinkling of the bells from your temple,
The pooja, the mantras that meant- ‘All is well’,
The aarti and the burning of the incense stick,
The candle grew shorter with the burning of the wick,
And I vividly remember-

I look around,
For some solace,
Everything is quiet,
Then I feel like a hand stroking my face,
As if someone was whispering into my ear,
Dear child, why do you fear?
Weep not, I’m still here,
There is absolutely nothing to hide,
Just have a deep look inside,
Be content, for life will have its way,
In your heart will I stay,
Forever and ever.

Love you mom πŸ’—

Good Friday

This day tells me what is actually good
So far, I believe I just knew but never understood, It is the day to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus, It is believed he gave his life to bless each one of us, A day to acknowledge our wrongdoings, To reminisce and remind, In singing His glory, I shall find, The purpose and direction of mankind. Life is worthwhile and good, When the true meaning of Good Friday is understood.

Colours of Holi

The festival of colours has smiled upon me once again

It has stolen my worries and crushed all my pain.

I look around as the colours fly in the air,

There is joy in my heart that I wish to share-

A helping hand,

A box of sweets,

And a little care,

A song in my heart,

And a loving prayer-

Let me be an embodiment of selfless love that’s pure and divine,

Let me merge with these colours and truly shine.

Paint a beautiful picture in someone’s life,

Leave behind all differences and a world of strife.

Love heals all,
Is my message to all.

Happy Holi everyone!🌸🌸

My Inspiration

There are seven colours in a rainbow

With grace across the sky they show

I look at my kids and wonder all the things they know

As the session ends, they all grow

Into beautiful people that shine

With love, kindness and a light divine

Shades of crimson red, canary yellow and peacock blue I see,

Some are purple, some orange and hues of green-

Each one unique and yet stringed like a garland of beads

Just lending a helping hand to someone who needs

Treasuring the little things and smiling for free

For that is what the purpose of life should be

I wonder if I was teaching them or they were teaching me.

I Smile…..

When someone smiles at me and I smile back

Not knowing what I have and what I lack

The smile is infectious, it is bound to spread

You know it, as everyone turns their head

At times, I just smile for nothing at all

It feels good when your loved ones call

Little do I think about the rhyme and reason

Smiling just keeps happening in every season

Perhaps my heart is joyous and feels like skipping

I smile again as the time keeps tipping

When my friends compliment me and wish me well,

Just simple words of appreciation make my heart swell.

I smile to myself, the feeling is divine

I stay in that vibration for it makes me shine

The thoughts of acceptance cradle me softly

I feel blessed, I thank the Universe profoundly

When everything goes with the cosmic flow,

Beautiful secrets reveal and just show

As though,

The ocean seems to be emptying itself on the sand

Then a wave engulfs me and I move to the land

It pulls me again,-

And I dance to its rhythm like a lunatic

The journey is vibrant and ever so ecstatic

I move with the flow, I know what to do,

And so I smile again, and so should you.

Happy New Year

Learning step by step

Moving forward each day

Offering someone help

Showing someone the way

Letting things go

Happiness will then show

Creating space for the new

Allowing kindness seep through

May all your dreams come true

These wishes I have for each one of you.

A Very Happy New Year!

My first lesson in forgiveness

I thought I was in some kind of pain
So, I got up late again

I grumbled, I thought she heard

She looked at me, but didn’t say a word

I was clumsy, I dropped the milk saying the glass was too full

She smiled and said, I should be careful.

I had forgotten to do my homework, some fake tale I had to knit

She caressed my cheeks and said, it is the first time, don’t worry a bit

I went to play in the evening with my friend, I returned late

I thought I would be grounded, that would be my fate

But nothing happened.

She asked me to finish my evening snack.

Then she went to the market to buy the groceries,

-and when she came back

I was watching television, instead of completing my home-assignment.

I thought I had annoyed her, but I definitely had not meant

She entered my room and sat by my side

I was a little confused, my emotions I couldn’t hide

My head bent low, I looked to and fro

I gaped at the void expecting her agitation to grow

Her eyes were kind and soft was her gaze

She was sweet like honey, her voice- she did not raise

I was astounded. I hadn’t been good,

This was not expected but the motive I had understood

She was clear and she gave me another chance,

her eyes gleaming in a sprightly dance

I hugged her and I must confess,

that was my first lesson in forgiveness.

into nothingness……

I go in my shell, time and again

I wonder if there is just loneliness or some undefined pain

An empty feeling dawns over me

A strange restlessness and I wish to flee

In search of a purpose, I cannot perceive

The world seems a stage so unnerving, I wish to leave

Go somewhere and do something that is righteous for me

I wonder if that is what is meant to be

No zeal, just existence in oblivion

Is each of us only a puppet with no notion

Come from dirt and to dirt we shall go in all probability

Is my life a drama or my own envisioned reality?

My thoughts run aimlessly

My eyes are open, yet I cannot see.

I am an insignificant drop in the vast turbulent sea,

Somewhat unsure as to what will it be

Perhaps mindful actions of pure intent will one day make me free.

And lead the path to ecstasy.

Let peace prevail on Mother Earth!

Oh Mother Earth!

Why, oh why have I taken birth?

I ask myself,

“Why am I perplexed?”

One look at the screen, my eyes are transfixed,

What could be the dilemma in my mind?

There is turbulence and noise- peace is hard to find.

Can the air we breathe be pure and free?

Can the world not be as God wanted it to be?

No reason for war or hatred or despise

No honorable soldiers would have to pay the price

No lives lost, no battles fought

No fear in hearts, no venom in thought

Can we not remake our Mother Earth?

Why, oh why have I taken birth?

Let there be no boundaries or lines of control,

Where people are connected with their heart and soul,

Where love reigns, like a ruler it cares
Where compassion and empathy are its only heirs

Where peace is not searched for in every nook and corner

You just close your eyes and you get the answer-

Light the Divine flame of love in your heart

Be generous my friend, don’t hesitate, just start.

Sow good deeds, spread joy and mirth

Let peace prevail on Mother Earth!