Let peace prevail on Mother Earth!

Oh Mother Earth!

Why, oh why have I taken birth?

I ask myself,

“Why am I perplexed?”

One look at the screen, my eyes are transfixed,

What could be the dilemma in my mind?

There is turbulence and noise- peace is hard to find.

Can the air we breathe be pure and free?

Can the world not be as God wanted it to be?

No reason for war or hatred or despise

No honorable soldiers would have to pay the price

No lives lost, no battles fought

No fear in hearts, no venom in thought

Can we not remake our Mother Earth?

Why, oh why have I taken birth?

Let there be no boundaries or lines of control,

Where people are connected with their heart and soul,

Where love reigns, like a ruler it cares
Where compassion and empathy are its only heirs

Where peace is not searched for in every nook and corner

You just close your eyes and you get the answer-

Light the Divine flame of love in your heart

Be generous my friend, don’t hesitate, just start.

Sow good deeds, spread joy and mirth

Let peace prevail on Mother Earth!

My Sister- Dedicated to Kalpana di when she left for her heavenly abode. 25th November 2018

Dear sister,

I will always love you

For this day has a different hue

I want to just say a big thank you-

For the countless things you have done for me

Things that mortal eyes can barely see,

I will always remember-

So vivid and clear

The memories of childhood,

Like my back bone you always stood.

Those days are so fresh in my mind-

When we went to school together with Dad

Always happy and content with whatever we had

When mummy fought the battle with death and life

How you tried in your own ways to end her strife

From you my pains,I never could hide

Like a pillar you were there by my side.

In the boarding we stayed, under Sr. Mabilia’s care

Who taught us to love and always share,

It was a bond so deep and secure

In your company, I felt so comfortable and sure

We walked miles hand in hand

Our friendship never needed a friendship band

The stories you told and the secrets we shared

For my tiniest agony, you always cared

Dear sister,

Your culinary skills were extraordinary and exceptional

The dishes you made looked so tempting and special

There is so much to say-

Your good deeds I can never weigh
You managed time well, hardly ever in haste

Your sacrifices dear sister will never go waste.

I can never be grateful enough

For the things you have done

Life with you was full of fun.

You were a fighter

You shone like a light

Today you’re my Guiding star

For ever shining bright.

Bunny : This one for Bunny on her first birthday.

The apple of my eye

So close to my heart

The light of my life

You are God’s- greatest work of art.

Those drooping lashes,

That infectious smile,

The bubbly talks,

Never resting for a while.

In my lonesome house

You are a little toy

You’ve filled my life

With utmost joy.

I sing to you,

You sing back to me,

Your blabbering words,

Lead me to ecstasy.

You are a precious gift

In disguise,

With you I wonder,

With you I rise.

An angel on Earth,

Has taken birth,

Filled my moments

With joy and mirth.

You are my breath,

You are my light,

Making each day

So wonderfully bright.

You are my precious doll

You are sunny!

I love you so much

My sweet loving Bunny!

My Lucky Chinese Bamboo

I bought a Chinese bamboo plant one day

I was sure it would keep my sorrows at bay

It looked fresh and the leaves were a lovely green

I couldn’t resist but admire its beautiful sheen

Everyday I got up to see if it had grown

Yet it looked the same little shoot that I had sown.

There was more to it than just the lucky charm

One day I realized it as if someone shook me by my arm.

It was like the success that we strive for in the path of life-

We work with persistence but there is no end to our strife

Days passed by, then weeks months and years

There was a real testing of my patience and inbuilt fears

It didn’t grow

And would not show

And then when I looked away

It beckoned me to stay

I had given up and was about to fall

It had tested my faith and belief after all.

Then, as if whispering in my ear

My bamboo said: Friend, do not fear.

You will find success

It is just hidden,

So, I looked at my lucky bamboo

Which had grown all of a sudden

The time for growth and success was close

I was glad I didn’t give up and chose-

To wait and reap the fruit of my persistence

My Chinese bamboo had given me a lesson in patience.

Teachers’Day- I was asked to write something by our Principal, so I penned this down a few days ago.

Life of a teacher is not easy at all,

She has to be alert and listen to everyone’s beck and call-

One moment she is a mother,

Another moment she is a motivator.

She’s learnt life skills and is a facilitator.

An amalgam of wisdom and knowledge so true,

She’s someone you’ll always look up to.

She’s a wizard, at times you can tell

In her class she casts a magic spell.

There are moments of strife in her life too,

She’s a multitasker and always knows what to do.

She is soft, she is firm and at heart very kind,

People like her are so hard to find.

She uses her creative skills to mould the clay,

So, I think it is the perfect time to be grateful and say-

Dear Teacher,

A Very Happy Teachers’ Day!

My Spice Queen- A call for empathy

The water was up to the brim.

The condition was quite grim.

The state that was ever so green

That once was the Spice-queen-

Now it is on the edge of disaster

Can anyone bring help faster?

There is havoc everywhere

So many moments of despair

The life giving water is everywhere

But not a drop to drink or share

Does anyone have a sip to spare?

I need help. Is there someone who could care?

There are kind people not far from here

So, rise and do not fear.

These devastations we shall fight

With funds, prayers and all our might

O nature!

You are our ultimate teacher and guide

I’m sure with tomorrow’s sun you’ll be by our side.

My Masterpiece

This is for all, no one in particular

I woke up to make something unusually spectacular

A white canvas lay in front of me so bare

A random range of colors, some rather rare

There was pink and blue

And some of a different hue.

In an instant even without looking

My hands started working

I dipped my fingers in the first colour of my choice

They moved on the plain white canvas

As though guided by an artist’s voice

First it was just scattered strokes of red, blue and green

And then emerged a picture that could vividly be seen

I looked at my hands, Oh! What a sight!

I moved back and what lay in front filled me with sheer delight

I saw intently and then I realized

It was my creation

Created by my aspiration

I had painted it all- every single bit,

But there was something I didn’t like about it.

There were smudges here and there,

Of hopeless desires and despair.

I closed my eyes instantly,

‘I will not see,’ I said to myself reluctantly.

The colours poked me with intensity,

I felt alone living a life of scarcity.

Time slipped by-

Then I saw the opening of my inward eye,

With ease this time, I opened my eyes

I didn’t look at the picture, but the glorious skies

There was no sign of despair, just beauty and abundance

My heart leaped as I came out of the trance

Now I shifted my vision on the canvas with confidence

I saw a different picture altogether

There were strokes of Love, of Hope, of Joy mixed together

I smiled to myself with a feeling of exhilaration

After all, the painting was mine- my ultimate creation.