Divine Beauty- This poem is dedicated to a dear friend of mine.

I gather my courage

To speak of thy beauty

O Divine work of art

The rose so red that standeth by your side

Seems overshadowed

As your face taketh a pinkish hue

And glows through in the light of the moon

Oh glamorous thou art

I watch thee mesmerized

The parted lips like the petals of the rose

From you I cannot take off my sight

I am at a loss of words

Dear mate,

I think of you, I thank the stars

That we are companions in true faith.


Father’s Day

He was a true magician!

An absolute technician!

He knew the in and out of every device,

He always kept a note of each article’s price.

He was fond of eating, he was a non- vegetarian,

He was a wonderful man, though a strict disciplinarian.

I remember the time when I sat on his lap

Held his arms and together we would clap.

Learned to write holding his hand

For everything right, he would take a stand.

He took my sister and me to school each day

He believed in work while you work and play while you play.

We went through a difficult time-

When my mother fell ill,
He stayed by her side-

And took care of the bills.

He was with her through thick and thin,

He tried his best to minimize her sufferin’.

He was an avid reader and was very well-read.

For breakfast he gave me butter or jam with bread.

He clarified all my doubts if I had any,

He was quite versatile, for his hobbies were many.

He took us to movies and eateries very often,

We spent time together playing ludo,

But after ten-

He prayed with us and put us to bed

I faintly remember the stories that he read.

He taught me life skills a little every day

I remember them all, each bit even today.

Dad, wherever you are I miss you and I remember all the fun

I can never thank you enough for all that you have done.

Happy Father’s Day!

This post is an entry for father’s day contest by kreativemommy

My Bundle of Joy

All pets, dogs in particular can reduce stress and depression from our life. They can ease loneliness and encourage playfulness. Caring for a dog can help children grow active and even provide valuable companionship for the elderly.

Here is a poem dedicated to my bundle of joy:

I looked at her; I was amazed.

She amazes me each day,

Even today-

Those sparkling eyes

That speak more and mean more than words can ever say.

It’s sometimes hard to figure out,

And know her feelings in and out.

She is a bundle of joy and a lot of fun,

You will throw yourself into peals of laughter,

If you ever see her run.

She pretends to be the Lion King of Narnia, Aslan

And barks or roars till the strangers are gone.

She drives me crazy in her unique style,

She can interpret each of my frown and smile.

Her unconditional love is rare to find,

She has more to offer than you have in your mind

I wish my life could be as simple as hers,

She is Grace, the embodiment of beauty in fur.

The Mango Dessert

Mangoes- Summers and mangoes go hand in hand. There is an endless list of desserts we can try out with mangoes. Come and share the one given below. It is like poetry on a platter!

We tried a new recipe just yesterday

Was it a cake or something different, I’ll tell you without delay-

Take one cup all purpose flour in a nice round bowl,

Add a levelled teaspoon of baking powder to it, that is your goal.

Put a pinch of baking soda too-

And mix them all through and through.

Now take a big ripe yellow mango-

Mash the pulp and the peels you can throw.

Add powdered sugar one cup to the mango pulp,

Keep it aside and make sure you do not gulp.

To beat three eggs in a separate container, you must toil

Add butter to it or a cup of oil.

Whisk and mix, mix and whisk,

Let it all go brisk brisk brisk-

Mix all the ingredients, keep your mind steady-

At least for five to ten minutes till the oven is ready.

A safe glass bowl you must butter and keep-

Pour the thick batter till it is half deep.

Adding cashews and almonds is up to you,

For the flavour of mango will surpass the two.

We need to microwave at high in an oven,

Wait for six minutes till it is completely done.

Take out the hot bowl, turn it over on a platter-

It’s a Mango Pudding friends, no longer the batter.

Cut into slices and serve it hot or cold,

This recipe is really good but maybe a little old!

Your Companion

I’m too old, yet I am not a bore.

You would never believe

Way back in 1564

One day when Reverend Conrad Gesner

Got me into the making

I was then not aware

Of the love and care

That I was about to receive

And very soon I would leave

My place of birth

Travel the world, so full of mirth.

Go to distant lands

Be always held in creative hands

The excitement was in the air

I came to stores in boxes packed with care

Young women rushed with tiny tots

And soon from the market I was bought.

Every lad and lass,

Took pride in who I was

For I definitely had a class.

Though some of us were brittle like glass.

They would hold me tight

And were even ready to fight.

Some of us were dark

And some were a bit light.

I was a narrow, solid pigment core

Inside a protective casing I was bore,

To prevent from being broken on misuse

Or leaving marks on the writer’s hands during use.

I’m soft, I’m tough

With me no one should bluff.

I’m at your disposal, I’m your true friend

To your loved ones you can letters send

In shops, in offices, in schools and at play

You’ll find me working by night and day.

Sitting in the boxes or waiting in the pen stand

You are definitely a little desperate To hold me in your hand.

I’m sure by now you know me through and through

I’m a PENCIL……that’s your companion too.

Pearls-the young girl

Once upon a time there lived a young girl.

She was as bright as the sun

And like gold waves shone her curls

Let us give her a name

Perhaps call her just -Pearls.

She was born on a Monday

And each day like a wild flower she grew,

Her grey-tinted expressive eyes would often say

Emotions that were bottled yet true

She was ordinary in some way

And yet was special too.

She would read to herself often in silence,

Sometimes lost and engrossed between the lines

You would call her but she would seem not to hear

Was it arrogance or haughtiness you might fear.

She was born on a Monday

And each day like a wild flower she grew,

She was ordinary in some way

And yet was special too.

But the moment she looked up

Her eyes would shine with delight

Sometimes lost would she be

Sometimes a little bright-

She was born on a Monday

And each day like a wild flower she grew,

She was ordinary in some way

And yet was special too.

Can we accept Pearls for who she is?

Can we stop expecting what she is not?

Can we see the beauty of the sun in her?

Can we stop being judgemental a little bit?


She was born on a Monday

And each day like a wild flower she grew,

She was ordinary in some way

And yet was special too.


A cup of morning tea with biscuits… that’s my time. I love this time. I’m sure you love it too. Dipping this biscuit into tea

An idea struck to me,-

One day, ParleG looked around

And very soon, he found

There were many like him

That could be called- His Brethren.

He obviously felt threatened

He was quite disheartened,

So, he instantly decided

To get a survey conducted.

The summer break was in full swing

Now, that made a bell in his mind ring.

He thought he had heard his mistress say-

A get-together was to be held

On the evening of Sunday.

There’d be biscuits, delicacies and pastries too

With lots of fun and play to break your solitude.

The time was fixed

And ParleG got down to work

He always worked hard,

And work he’d never shirk.

So, to get things started,

And everyone excited

He created a ballot box

So, they all pulled up their socks.

Names were written on a big score board

In Sunfeast Glucose’s beautiful writing

Horlicks said that he could afford

To create a jingle if anyone would sing.

So, Milk Shakti pitched in
And started humming merrily

There was Tiger on the drums

And the Mike was taken by Doodh Patanjali.

There was noise, there was fun

The party had just begun.

Biscuits moved round on tables

Waiting impatiently for their turn.

The guests danced and ate.

While we waited for our fate.

Then Parle Gold appeared

Such a company you’d never heard.

Then voting began

We looked at our clan

Each one desperate to win

As the votes dropped in the bin.

The suspense was all over before long

On every one’s lips there was a song

The winner declared was Parle G!

He jumped high and danced in glee.

He was definitely filled with ecstasy,

To see the jocund company.

His eyes were set on the newspaper kept bare

He couldn’t help looking at it and stare.

Which state was it?

He really did not care.

Parties teaming up together

And enjoying the dance of democracy

Weren’t they made of the same flesh and blood

They hardly remembered their legacy.

And then to ParleG, a thought did occur

Weren’t they made of the same flour and sugar.

So, he looked with delight at his kith and kin,

He had realized, they were all- His Brethren.